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Fall Retreat
22nd, 2022




Are You Ready to


                   RELAX in a beautiful, serene nature oasis?

                   RECHARGE your energy with invigorating exercise?

                   REJUVENATE your body with anti-aging foods?

                   RESET your eating habits without diets?


Join us at the

Fall 2022 Retreat!


When: Saturday, October 22nd

Time: 10 am - 7 pm


What’s Included


  • MEET & GREET 15 min group meeting and introduction              10:00-10:15 am

  • RECHARGE 60 min VEAS outdoor sport group workout               10:15-11:15 am

  • REFRESH With Healthy, filling snacks, coffee/tea                         11:15-11:30 am

  • RESET Your eating habits, 90 min Nutrition Masterclass             11:30–01:00 pm

  • REJUVENATE Your body with delicious anti-aging foods lunch    01:00-02:00 pm

  • RELAX & Enjoy health benefits of thermal spa                               02:00–7:00 pm


    Lunch Menu

  1.  Yummy Appetizer

  2.  Healing Comfort Soup

  3.  Salad Meal With Protein

  4.  Healthy, Delicious Dessert

Meal prepared mostly from locally grown produce*

(* We try to use local and/ or organic produce

whenever practical)


Dress Code

Comfortable clothes for sport activities, running shoes,

swimsuit, flip-flop, and bathrobe

(1 tower and 1 padlock will be provided,

bathrobe can be rented on site for 7$

massage and facial are available $$,

insurance receipt for massages are available')


Price: $275 + tax per person *

(* Insurance receipts will be provided:

$125 for nutritional services

$100 for spa services)


Retreat spaces are limited to

10 participants *

* Due to limited spots the payment is

due in full and non-refundable


Registration Closes on Sunday, October 16th, 2022


Book Your Spot Now! 

Registration Closes midnight on Sunday,

October 16th, 2022

​Register before midnight

October 16th, 2022 to get your

* Bonuses *

1)  50% Off Voucher*

 For personalized

“Stress-and-Diet-Free Weight Loss” Program

              (Regular price $500.00


2) 50% Off Voucher*

   For 2 people for Thermal Experience, package Comfort Weekend

                      (Regular price for 2 people 150$)


* These are one-time vouchers that are valid

for separate future nutritional services for one person

 and a spa day package for two people.

These vouchers are not applicable

to the current Fall Retreat price. 

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  • Paradisos Spa
  • Paradisos Spa

Nutrition MasterClass 


During this 90-min Masterclass, you will learn:

 * The 3 Big Reasons Why You Need a Healthy Lifestyle

 * The Root Cause of Degenerative Diseases

 * How You Can Slow Down Aging

 * 5 Practical Skills to Reset Your Eating Habits Without Diets


45-min interactive presentation will be followed by hands-on exercises to help you practice healthy eating skills and a live Q & A session.


You will have a chance to ask me any nutrition-related questions and get personalized advice.


After registration, you will receive an email from Larysa with the workbook to help you prepare for the Nutrition Masterclass. Please print it and bring it with you to fill out during the presentation.


* Insurance receipt for $125.00 for Nutritional services will be provided.


** You can buy a healthy, fast meals cookbook if you wish, at an additional cost of $25.00 (Not included in the retreat price). Proceeds from the sale of the books will go towards helping Ukrainian refugees.

Read more about Larysa here


Organic Vegetables

VEAS Outdoor Sports Activities

Recharge with VEAS

The body does what the mind believes, come join our VEAS outdoor physical activities in the middle of the energizing nature.
Try to be for a moment in a different orbit.
Do something today that your future will thank you for.


Male Ballet Dancer

Thermal Experience

Relax in beautiful nature and free your mind
Cleanse and detox your body
We will help you to discover the thermal experience

On-site guidance

* Insurance receipt for $100 for spa - thermal experience will be provided.


Relaxing in Pool

massage & facial

we offer massages and facials* 
Take advantage of 10% or 15% off. 
Please call for reservations at 438-866-8689.

* Insurance receipt for for massage services will be provided.
Additional cost will apply


Relaxing Massage
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